Alfa Donna Pheromones


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“For Women Who Want to Attract Men”

Ever wanted to be that very sexy “Alpha Woman” that when you walk into the room, all the guys look at you?  Well, Alfa Donna may be what you need to gain that strategic advantage each and every time.  Being the “Bad Girl” that men love doesn’t come easy though.  If you want to be more confident, aggressive, unbelievably sexy and irresistible, than you are not too far from achieving that.

Our formula consist of complex, harmonious and beautiful human pheromones to make men beg at your feet and ask you for you number before the night is over. If you are a woman that has a lot of energy and strive to make a man remember you for years to come, this pheromone perfume will hold you to that.

Being close to men will never be that same again.  You will create such an attractive field around you that will leave men begging for more.  So be very careful! This stuff really works . You will notice their feelings opening up to you as well as their desires. Alfa Donna pheromone perfume comes in either scented or unscented to fit your likeness.

Having others attracted to you is one of the best feelings a woman could ever experience!

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Product description:– contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
– applications: 230 sprays per bottle
– enclosure: Italian designer glass bottle
– base: cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]

Pheromone content:

– components: 5
– mg per bottle: 17.4
– copulin content per bottle: ~28mg
– unique pheromones: 4

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